My Story

Hi, my name is Karen Gillighan. My husband John and I own and operate Todd Hill Farm - a non-profit riding center located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. (

We offer lessons to children and adults in the local community and we pride ourselves on the family atmosphere and relaxed nature of our facility. Our horses and ponies are not typical "lesson horses" with bad habits and dull personalities. They are retired show horses who love their job and are not overworked.

We discovered a long time ago that it was next to impossible to earn a reliable income in the horse industry. Fortunately, we discovered an American-based wellness company that was looking for home-based business partners to help grow their customer base. That was 22 years ago and we have been earning a 6-figure income with this company ever since! This has allowed us to run our horse business the way we like without any concerns about money.

We are on a mission to help other horse owners find the same balance and freedom. We can help you earn extra income from home so you can turn your horse dreams into reality!

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