My Story

Hi, my name is Karen Gillighan. My husband John and I own and operate Todd Hill Farm - a non-profit riding center located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. (

We offer lessons to children and adults in the local community and we pride ourselves on the family atmosphere and relaxed nature of our facility. Our horses and ponies are not typical "lesson horses" with bad habits and dull personalities. They are retired show horses who love their job and are not overworked.

We discovered a long time ago that it was next to impossible to earn a reliable income in the horse industry. Fortunately, we discovered an American-based wellness company that was looking for home-based business partners to help grow their customer base. That was 22 years ago and we have been earning a 6-figure income with this company ever since! This has allowed us to run our horse business the way we like without any concerns about money.

We are on a mission to help other horse owners find the same balance and freedom. We can help you earn extra income from home so you can turn your horse dreams into reality!

Our Business

Our business model is very special! We don't sell products, we don't do parties, there is no up-front investment and it's risk-free!

We simply make customers referrals to an online shopping club of over 500 superior wellness products. All customers shop direct at wholesale pricing - and no middle-man! These products consistently outperform grocery store competitors and are priced at or below market values.

Our customers love shopping here so much we can boast a 97% monthly re-order rate! This results in long-term residual income for anyone who wants to participate in the referral program.

We are not an "MLM" company and we don't have distributors. Our company has been in business since 1985, operates in 19 countries, does over $1.6 billion in sales annually and has a 4A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our team of horse owners works together to get results. We will partner with you to help you succeed!

Our Products

We offer a wide variety of wellness products in the following categories:

Personal Care

Weight Loss


Essential Oils

Horse Care

Pet Care



Beauty & Cosmetics

Household Cleaners

We pride ourselves on providing superior, natural ingredients that meet the highest of standards:

** No parabens
** No harsh chemicals
** No toxins
** No formaldehyde
** No safety caps required

Our customer enjoy a 30% - 50% price break when they shop monthly. This is so easy to do, as you are just "switching stores" - these products replace what used to be purchased at the grocery store, drug store or department store. There is no additional expense to budget for!

Same money - Smarter Shopping!



Horse Training

Yes! Please tell me more!


Want to learn more about what we do at Todd Hill Farm?  

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